Last Update 04 November 2000


St. Neots Carnival Queen

Updated Information courtesy of Mike Payne:
"We have (obviously) a new court - I'll get you some piccys & info soon, but we attended the 'Miss South Midlands' on Friday & took first & third places. The new 'Miss South Midlands' is Hayley Borden - our own Carnival Queen. This means we currently hold Miss South Midlands AND National Carnival Guild Queen."


Last years winners
Emily Hawksley (2nd), Rebecca Luff (Carnival Queen), Sian Sandever (3rd)

Last years winner, Miss Rebecca Luff, went on to win the National Guild Queen contest.

This year's queen will be announced on August 22nd.  

The St. Neots Carnival Court has been busy lately touring the country to compete in the "Best Visiting Court" competitions.

Mike Payne reports : "We won at Wellingborough last week, 2nd at Rushden the
week before, won at Corby the week before, and won at Huntingdon the week before that. We've never done so well!!"



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