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A growing area devoted to tracing old friends etc.
I've created four sections to (hopefully) make it easier to search for people you are likely to know.
It would help if you could give as much information as possible, eg. approximate age, when they used to live and work in St. Neots etc. Clues like this can often help prod peoples' memories!  At the very least please state which section you want them to be put in.
If you do help with any of the requests here please let me know, it is always encouraging to hear success stories!

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Genealogy/Tracing Descendents
For people with an interest please visit this genealogy site
My genealogy section seems to be quite popular at the moment - if anybody feels like writing a short article with advice for people who are researching their family I would love to publish it.  Please get in touch! - /\dam

Philomena, Vincent and Gerald Lanni
"They attended St. Neots Boarding School 1926 -1930"
Peter Stoodley ( on Thursday, August 9, 2001

Ibbet or Cousins family
"My Grandparents were Arthur James Ibbett and Mabel Cousins both originally from Eaton-Socon/St. Neots.
They emigrated to and were later married in Canada--early 1900's.  Mabel's parents were William Cousins and Caroline Ashby.  He was a coachman.  Arthur's parents were William Ibbett and MaryAnn Rowlett.  He was a bricklayer.  If any of this seems familiar to you I would very much like to hear from you--my daughter is working on a family tree."
Lucinda Williams ( on Wednesday, August 8, 2001 

Any ex clients of Wren's Fish and Chips Waggons
"My Dad used to drive one of the many waggons that served up Fish and Chips  in and around the villages. Does anyone out there remember them? More importantly, anyone got a photo?
What happened to the Wrenn family?"
Steve Yates ( on Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Looking for any Sandevers in st neots
please get in touch (research)."
Beryl Sandever ( on Sunday, April 8, 2001

George Reynolds, c. 1900.
"Do you have any historical information about George Reynolds, a farmer and well known bee keeper, who lived on the estate known as The Apery, located just north of Market Square and the bridge, bordered by the river and the Gt. North Road - one hundred years ago?"
Michael Sawyer ( on Monday, December 18, 2000

George Wainwright b: abt 1820, Elizabeth Wainwright Gale b: abt 1836
"I am researching George Wainwright b: abt 1820 St. Neots.   He had a son Walter Wainwright b: May 1859 in St Neots.  Walter married Elizabeth Smith b: Jan 1859.   I would appreciate any information on George or Walter that anyone has.   Looking for information on a new name in my research.


George Gale b: abt 1843 married Elizabeth Wainwright

George and Elizabeth had a daughter shown in the 1881 census Susan Gale b: abt 1868"
Roy Wainwright ( on Friday, August 18, 2000

Luff family
"I wish to contact any of the Luff family in st neots who is interested in genealogy.  i have traced my family back to john luff (m dorothy bland 1731.  their descendents included john (m judith upchurch 1766) john (m elizabeth newman 1794) william (m charlotte cos (1834) joseph (my great grandfather who migrated to Australia 1852 with his sister Ann.

I have traced the family with direct links back to 1731

1731 John Luff m Dorothy Bland
children -  Mary, Elizabeth, John,  Dorothy, Samuel
1794 John Luff m Elizabeth Newman
children - Robert (married Ann May), Ann, John, Thomas, George, Deborah,
Judith, William, Samuel, Joseph, Charles.
William Luff m Charlotte Cox
Children - Ann, Joseph, Thomas

Two children of Robert Luff & Ann May also migrated to Australia - these were Eliza (m Edwin Lewin) and Robert (m Elizabeth Lewin).   They were subsequently joined by  Joseph and Ann with the family settling in the Gundagai area.

if anyone is interested please e-mail me
ray luff ( on Thursday, October 5, 2000

Alfred Silby, Edith Henrietta nee Huntley
Any relatives of Alfred William Thomas Silby. His wife Edith Henrietta (Nee Huntley from Sydenahm London)
Deceased 1984/1993
"I know that Alfred and Edith were born in Sydenham then sometime later moved to St Neots. The names Chapman and Trip might also help."
Lynn Blackmore ( on Friday, September 8, 2000

William Gray
"Christened 13 Mar 1744, St. Neots Parish, Married Elizabeth Smith 2 May 1769 maybe in Bedford, St Mary's.  Can any one check the parish records for may Gray family?

I am having my family researched and we find that the St. Neots parish records are unavailable on microfilm.  I live in Holdrege, Nebraska, U.S.A. and can not come to research them. Thanks for any suggestions."
Sandra Slater ( on Thursday, July 6, 2000

The BBC campaign "The Search" is returning to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (FM96 & AM 1026) in July 2000. It aims to reunite people with long lost relatives or friends ... or search out that object or piece of information you've been longing for. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (The county's leading speech based radio station - studios in Cambridge and Peterborough) wants to hear from a small number of Huntingdonshire people who are interested in tracking down their family tree. Whether you don't know where to start or you've hit a block and don't know where to go to next, we've got the experts lined up to help you. Only 2 rules! Firstly you must live in the  area and secondly be prepared to appear on live radio during July! Contact Katy Prickett at for more info.

Pratt and Walker families
George[b.1777]+Mary Cooper - late 1700s.Buried in St.Neots.  Searching for their ancestors. Also the Pratt and Walker families - many Methodist Ministers.
My side of theCooper family left St. Neots in the early 18th Century - are there any Coopers/Pratts/Walkers left from that era?"
- George Cooper ( on Tuesday, May 16, 2000 

Page Family, Hail Weston
Does anyone have info on the PAGE family in Hail Weston?  I have traced 30 of them 1850 - 1788 but do not know the relationships to each other. There is also a connection with Gt Staughton.
The males were mostly carpenters and further back publicans.
Alison PAGE ( on Monday, May 1, 2000
UPDATE! "Since I emailed you I have had good results and I am now interested in PAGEs in Hail Weston and St Neots. Robert PAGE b abt 1768 m Ann abt 1786 moving to Hail Weston with descendants from thereon."

Barbara GIBLET

Please get in touch if you have any information about Barbara Giblet who used to live in Beauchamp Close, Eaton Socon.  She used to work at Sunny Smiles (Eaton Socon).
Steve YATES ( on Thursday, January 20, 2000

UPDATE! "Just to let you know that as a result of the mention you put in of my ex-neighbour, I've been contacted by two other ex neighbours who are now in contact with my sisters as a result." - Steve

Descendants of Benjamin (and Elizabeth) Pearson
I am searching for descendants of Benjamin Pearson and his wife Elizabeth (nee Wadsworth).  He was Head Brewer at Paynes Brewery late last century and they lived in Eynesbury.  Children were Jane born 1860, who never married, John born 1861, Benjamin born 1863, who I have traced to Northampton, Elizabeth born 1865, Edward born 1867, Alfred born 1869 who, I understand, never married, followed his father as Head Brewer, became a Councillor and lived in a house called "Glenariff" in Montagu Street, Eynesbury.  Ada, my grandmother was born in 1871 married John Lockington Ringrose and moved to Northampton.  Kate was born 1873, Rosa in 1877.  She married Frank Mathison and moved to Bedford.  Fred was born 1880.  He also married and moved to Bedford.
Margaret George ( on Sunday, January 9, 2000

 Jack Cade 1881 on.
Looking for my Cade ancestors who came originally from St. Neots or surrounding area.
Joan Wollen , maiden name Cade -

Baxter/Markham Family
Hi there,  I was born in St Neots in 1945. Member of the Baxter/Markham family and am currently doing some genealogy work on those families.
I currently live in Dallas Texas... Congratulations on such a nice website. !!!!

Barnes Family
Researching: Henry Samuel Barnes, Susan Banks Barnes, Emma, Annie, Lizzie, Suey, Tom Barnes
Period: Born 1821 - 1852 (all children born in St. Neots 1847-1852 )
Address info: About 1847-1881 Lived at Manor Farm, Perry, Hunts.  1881 Lived at Stritloe Farm, Buckden, Hunts.

Career info: 1881 UK Census shows Henry Samuel Barnes as a Farmer, could have also been an overseer of a farm.

Notes: Henry Samuel was born 1821 in Eaton Socon, Beds. Susan was born 1821 in Hailweston, Hunts.  Anne 1847, Lizzie, Suey, Tom, Emma 1852 all born in St. Neots.  They attended two COE churches, one being Staughton.  Annie married Maurice Skinner, Lizzie married Alfred Churchill, Suey marries John Wright, Emma went to USA in 1883 to marry Alfred Robert Butcher from Wellingboro, Northants.
If anyone can add any more information please get in touch.
- Rita McDonald Cheek ( on Tuesday, October 19, 1999

ROBINS family
"My ancestors are Shadrach ROBINS & Alice EATON (1811), William ROBINS & Mary LINFORD (1748), and Samuel ROBINS & Mary JERVIS (1762) from Great Staughton.  I want very much to know more about them, the Robins' history in that area, and if there are decendants I can contact.

Shadrach's children include:  Hannah & James HARRISON, Elizabeth LUIS, Rebecca BENNETT, Fanny Robins, John Robins, Charles Robins (all born bet. 1839-1852).  Grandchildren:  James HARRISON (1881), Charles Robins (1879), and Frank BENNETT (1879).

William's children include:  Deborah & John HAINES, Peter & Lucy COOPER Robins, James & Ann HEWITT Robins, Priscilla Robins, Sarah & James HAWKINS, Samuel & Jane MARTIN (all born bet. 1804-1820).  Decendants include: John & Sarah Robins, William & Ann WAGSTAFF Robins, Jabez Robins, Walter & Lucy Robins, William R. H. Robins, Elizabeth & Walter WALRON (all born bet. 1827-1840).  Alfred, Ernest, George, Arthur, Kate, and Jonathon Robins (all born bet. 1855-1880).

Thanks for any help you can give me."
Annette Scott (

PAYNE family
"Firstly, I would like to thank the several resident's of St. Neot's who assisted me on my recent visit! (Oct. '99).

I would like any references or comments on the PAYNE family resident in St. Neot's and Beds. who seem to have arrived in St. Neot's by the 1500's, beginning with Robert PAYNE, great-grandfather of Sir Robert PAYNE, of St. Neot's, soldier of "Medlow", knighted May 22, 1605. Sir Robert PAYNE was a subscriber of the London Company of Virginia of 1609 and family traditions are that his brothers or sons, John and William PAYNE (possibly a Thomas as well) emigrated to America by the 1630's. Sir Robert did not mention any brothers or sons with these names in his genealogical chart according to Lord Howard of Norroy College of Arms in the 1930's. However, Sir Robert went to the same school as both Samuel PEPYS and Oliver Cromwell. Sir Robert is said to be a descendant of the Ipswich, Suffolk (later Norfolk) PAINE family of the 1400's. Several PAYNE's were employed by Samuel PEPYS. This, as other evidence, suggest the possibility that these PAYNE's had an association of unknown origin to Sir Robert. Sir Robert married Elizabeth ROTHERHAM.

I do not know if Sir Robert's descendant's include the PAYNE's that founded the PAINE PLC or the Flowery. It seems likely as the population in those days was so small.

I would appreciate (very much!) any information on this family.
I have made extensive research on the PAYNE family which can be found at"
- Patrick A. Payne (

Allen family
(from St Neots and Great Staughton)
"looking for my family relatives, any descendents or relatives of the Family of Joseph Allen b 1853 and wife Mary (Staughton) Allen b 1855.  
Reply to:Douglas Allen -

Helen Swaine - Tracing Descendents
I hope that someone reading this request may be able to help me. My Great great grandparents John Gurney and Eliza (nee Bonfield) were married at the St. Neots Parish Church on April 6 1841. They lived in Eaton Socon, in North Road. John was a carpenter. They had 5 children - William, Thomas, John Francis, Elizabeth and Henry. Eliza died in 1857 and John married Ann Adams. Elizabeth and John Francis went to New Zealand, then Elizabeth and her family moved to Australia, but as far as I know the others stayed. I have been trying for years to find any descendants. William married Eliza Dawson in 1870 and she used to correspond with Elizabeth.
Please help me if you can. Reply to Helen

Anstis Family?
John Anstis the elder was born in St Neots 28 Sept 1669 the son of John Anstis of Lunna and Mary Parker. John Anstis was Garter Principal King of Arms (Patent under grand seal dated 8 June 1727)
Can anyone provide information relating to the siblings of John Anstis of Lunna or John Anstis the elder?
Many thanks,   Bob Young (Australia.)

Bundy Family Members

"My grandfather, Leonard Bundy, left St. Neots right around 1900, and emigrated to Canada by way of Detroit, Michigan and then westward, ending up in British Columbia, where my father and I were born. I have begun a project of gathering family history. According to the 1881 Census index, it seems that most of the Bundys in the area lived in Eaton Socon. According to the current telephone directory, it appears that there are many Bundys still living in the area. As I get more data from the various sources, itll be interesting to see how these families are related. My name is James Leonard Bundy, and Leonard's father was James also. James, Leonard, and George seem to be the more common male names in our family. My father is Leonard also. Looking forward to the search. The rest of my family has visited the area, but unfortunately, Lyndon Johnson had other ideas for my time in the 1960's. Really enjoyed the website, will be visiting again." -

UPDATE! - I just wanted you to know that through the information on your webpage, I've been able to establish contact with a family researcher in Eaton Socon. Since then, I've purchased several very interesting booklets published by the community association there about Eaton Socon over the years since my grandfather left there around 1905. I just wanted to thank you for your assistance. Now, on to more research tomorrow, the 1891 census of Cardington, where the Bundys temporarily lived around that time. I hope to discover his school records soon. Again, thanks very much. - Jim Bundy, in Kirkland (near Seattle)

FURTHER UPDATE! - Thanks Adam, Due to the start I got with a contact you provided, and then following up myself, I've now been made aware of approximately 231 additional relatives in the St. Neots area, many of them living there today!
- Jim Bundy, in Kirkland (near Seattle) researching :

BUNDY/HAWKINS/OAKLEY in Huntingdonshire/Bedfordshire
RAMSAY/JAMES in Angus/Forfarshire
DUNLOP in Renfrewshire
THOMSON in Stirling


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