Local Writers


This section is intended to support local writers.  If you know of any published authors, active writing groups, workshops or are a teacher who would like to offer help then please get in touch.

Other things that would be nice to publish would be amateur essays, stories or poems.

Please consider contributing something to this new area, even if it is only a promise of future help.  I am extremely interested in writing but I need feedback to make this area successful.

UPDATE: I have also been contacted by a few other people - it would appear that there IS some interest in this idea, but it needs more support! 
 - /\dam


Local Authors: 

Tony Marturano

Tony has just had his debut horror novel published to critical acclaim.

Mike Payne

Mike's debut book is a collection of bawdy anecdotes from his time in the Royal Navy.



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Another website I run (although admittedly I haven't updated it for a while!) It has resources for Creative Writers and an archive of seldom used words.  

Adam's Home of Seldom Used Words

This site is stunning.  Once you log on a registered user it will ask you to rate books you have read.  Once you've rated about 30 or so you can ask it for recommendations and it will use other people's ratings to guess what you will like.  I've rated 100+ books and can vouch that it works.  It is of course completely free too. Alexandria Digital Literature


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