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I've been running St. Neots' Most Wanted for years now and the site has helped put quite a few people in touch with each other.  It occurred to me though that I've never used the service myself.

To remedy this, I would love to hear from anybody who might have known me from Longsands.  I was in Russell House (with Mr. Slack as a housemaster, who is doing OK by the way)  and then Brunel House.  If you left Longsands any time around 91-93 you might have known me.

Here are a selection of names (in no particular order) of people it would be nice to hear news about.  This list is hastily typed and I'm terrible with names so if you knew me and are not present it doesn't mean I don't want to hear from you!

Aiden Walsh
Natasha Monk
Fay Turner
Emma Yardley
Rachel Davidson
Paul Haynes
Jack Hawkins
Scott Mutlow
Pete Carass
Simon Phillips
Sarah Bambury
Owen Lewis
Rebecca (Beccy) Goddard
Samantha Bradley
Helen Asby
Alison Riley
Christian Wall
Brett Cutts
Jonathon Perrett
Chris Groves
Robbie Macbeth
Phillip Shaw
Nathan Temby
Martin Smith
Ben Daines
Tony Fleming
Neil Cross
(very tall and lanky, we just called him Les)

Old teachers are equally welcome to get in touch, I had Mrs Senior, Mr Donnely, Mr. Godbolt, Miss Edge, Miss Harris (later Mrs Griffiths), Mr Bettis, Mr Kite, Miss Andrews, Miss Cooper, Mr Searle, and lots of others whose names elude me for the moment...

You can contact me at the usual place.

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