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St. Neots Round Table
You will almost certainly have heard of Round Table. We have been active in Cambridgeshire for more than 50 years and many will recall the Riverside Festival which, held in St Neots over a weekend, was one of the largest events in East Anglia. We are also very active raising funds for local good causes - from December 1st up until Christmas Eve you will hear and see Santa Claus and his sleigh visiting the streets of St Neots.

So what is Round Table? Well, the first was formed in Norwich in 1927. The founder, Louis Marchesi, was a young Rotarian who felt a need existed for a club where the young men of the town could gather on a regular basis to exchange ideas, learn from the experiences of their colleagues and play a collective part in the life of Norwich . Within a year membership of this 'Round Table' had grown to 85 and interest had been shown in establishing Round Tables elsewhere.
Shortly after the foundation of Round Table in Norwich a second Round Table was established in Portsmouth and subsequent growth was rapid, there being 125 Tables with a membership of 4,600 at the outbreak of war in 1939. Round Table also proved itself to be of international importance, the first overseas Table being formed in Copenhagen in 1936. Round Table now flourishes in the majority of European countries, throughout Africa and in the Middle East, India , Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

Whilst many think that Round Table is connected to the legend of King Arthur, this is not the case. Rather its title and motto of "Adopt, adapt, improve" come from a speech made to the British Industries Fair in 1927 by the then Prince of Wales - "The young business and professional men of this country must get together round the table, ADOPT methods that have proved so sound in the past, ADAPT them to the changing needs of the times and wherever possible, IMPROVE them". The design of the Round Table emblem is, however, an adaptation of the table which hangs in the great hall, Winchester and which is claimed to be the Round Table of the court of King Arthur.

So who are the members? Local men aged from 18 to 45 and from a wide range of backgrounds. "We welcome anyone who is looking to try something new and exciting, and has a desire to make a difference to our local community" says Paul Smith, the current Chairman of St Neots. "That is what Round Table is all about. From sports to a quiet beer to raising money for good causes to family social events, we pride ourselves on living life to the full and helping others".

Round Table exists in more than 40 countries and has as one of its aims "to further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships". St Neots have links with a wide range of Tables across Europe and have also recently established contacts with friends in India, Paul Smith said "We joined with Tablers from around Europe in Siena, Italy during May for a wonderful weekend of friendship and exchanging stories about our countries and the work we each do with local communities."

St Neots Round Table meets on a Monday evening every fortnight. Our programme is varied, ranging from meetings with speakers on topical matters or matters of local concern to a wide range of activity based meetings such as karting, archery, sailing and bowling. If you would like to find out more please contact Paul Church at the address below.

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