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Community / Recycling
Locally run scheme to help parents exchange football boots and trainers

An Example... You bought your son/daughter some £30 football boots a couple of weeks ago. He/She has now grown out of them having hardly worn them. Rather than sell them on ebay or give them to charity, etc, you look for a pair on this site. If you find a pair you like. Reserve them with a payment from £5, send us your Son's/Daughter's outgrown pair. As soon as we receive them. We send you the pair you reserved, saving you having to buy another £30 brand new pair. We then add the pair you sent us to our stock for someone else to reserve.

Please note that phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc are listed when available for your convenience, but you should refer to the official website given. We would hate for you not to be able to contact someone simply because they'd changed their address or number!
If the website shown does not work, please report it to us so that we can fix it.