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Community / Environment
Tips on Green Living, low carbon lifestyle etc
Cycling instead of driving when possible is obviously good for the environment, your wallet and your health.
St Neots has an excellent Cycle Lane for most of the length of Cromwell Rd, a poorer one through Old Eynesbury (which dangerously disappears as you get near the church).
It takes the same amount of time to cycle into town from the Tesco end of Eynesbury as it does to drive and find parking (approx 8 minutes).

For a good idea on what can and cannot be recycled using the council's house collection facilities, see our Recap link.

If you must use Tesco, you can help slow the manufacture of environmentally unfriendly plastic bags by reusing them (ie: take your own bags to Tesco).
Tell the checkout person how many you have and Tesco give you at least one clubcard point for each one. So, if you take say, three bags with you, you get the equivalent number of points as if you'd spent £3 extra.
This is still relatively worthless, but over the course of a year would add up (and is still saving on bags).
See also: Recycling section

Energy Saving
As a general tip, try plugging all your non-essential lounge gadgets into an extension block. This means instead of them burning energy on standby for 20 hours a day, you can turn them off at the wall with one convenient switch. This should save significant money over a year too (ie: pounds not pennies), as well as extending the life of the equipment.

Home Composting
In 2005-06, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents composted over 4, 406 tonnes of garden and kitchen waste through home composting and another 81,409 tonnes was either brought to HWRCs or collected at the kerbside. This shows that we composted 22 % of the rubbish that would have otherwise buried in the ground.
Source: [] (also contains lots of tips for home composting)