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St. Neots Community Pages Copyright Statement

Legal waffle

All the images, articles, design, programming and content of these pages are the copyright of Adam Sheik unless otherwise noted within the site itself.  Publishing any part of this website, including any posts to the discussion forums without prior permission is expressly prohibited.

Permission is of course given for the images to be used for personal use (eg, you want to send your friend a picture of the town) but this excludes publication in any public medium, such as a newspaper or website.

The Reasons Why

This community website takes a lot of my time to maintain, please don't take parts of it without permission and claim the work as your own.  Apart from being dishonest it can sometimes be redundant effort.  I've had people in the past take all the community links and publish them on their own website.  The reason I dislike this is that apart from the fact that no credit was given, it seems pretty pointless to me to publish duplicate information.  It would be far more helpful to simply link to this site directly, thereby ensuring that the most uptodate information is given.

If you are a journalist and want to publish parts of discussions that have been written in the forums please let us know, attribute the quote as being taken from this website - and provide the link:

To summarise, if you would like to reproduce any part of this website please contact me for permission - its the polite thing to do!


Some images and articles have been kindly donated by people and I do not claim any copyright for these works.  If you contact me I will put you in touch with their rightful owner.

Copyright for individual posts made to the discussion forums revert back to their author.

Generally, any Javascripts within these pages are free for you to use although some require a link to the original author.  They are either public domain, open source that I've modified or originally coded by myself.  See the code yourself to see what the licensing situation is (I haven't tried to make it difficult for people to right click on these pages to view the source!).