St. Neotian Fensigns


Of all the Ensigns, yours in the one with a truly unique sense of humor.  There are few people who are blessed with your ability to find the fun in a serious situation.  Some people will think you are too strange for words but others will have a deep appreciation for your wit and stone-faced delivery of a punchline.  You prefer one-on-one encounters, finding a huge social gathering a poor showcase for your talents.  Strangely enough, having said that, you are a natural stand up comedienne, once you have conquered your fear of crowds.  You march entirely to the beat of your own drum, if others march with you, fine, if not, you are quite happy to have your own company.  You may only have a handful of true friends in your entire life, and that is all you will ever feel you will need.

Financially, Aardvarks are shrewd with their coinage.  You are quite tight with your hard earned cash and are always looking for a way to increase what you have.  Stocks and shares fascinate you as a way to improve your financial status.  You are willing to take risks with your money - if they seem pretty likely to pay off in your favor.

Romantically you tend to distance yourself from your people.  You have a perfect poker face and find it hard to admit even to yourself how much someone means to you, in case they then use that information as a "hold" on you.  Your partners will find you wonderful company, but may never be sure if you see them as any more than a passing fancy.  Even when you find your soulmate, it will take you many years to admit to even yourself that this is the one person you actually need besides yourself.  Your very independence which attracts others can also repel them.  Your partner needs to have a strong sense of self worth and needs to be empathic enough to see that under your tough hide you are actually very sensitive and needy.

Erial -

Owl Badger
Pigeon Squirrel
Hedgehog Deer
Lobster Woodpecker
Aardvark Fox
Toad Weasel
Beaver Beast





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