St. Neotian Fensigns


Squirrels are, along with pigeons, the most out going and sociable of all the Fensigns.  You like to work hard and play even harder.  You have a wide circle of friends and are always interested in broadening your horizons and trying new things.  Squirrels are very athletic and like to be involved in all kinds of sports and activities. They are also great dancers and make superb gymnasts.

Squirrels have a tendency to channel their hyperactive natures into gossiping and this can, at the worst end of the scale, lead to wasted lives.  The problem is exacerbated if all their friends have similar personalities.  We all know groups of squirrels, woodpeckers and pigeons that seemingly have nothing better to do all day than gossip on the phone, at the pub or at work.

Financially, squirrels would rather just not have to worry about money but they realise the importance of having something put by for a rainy day.  Your attitude tends to be "Well I earned it, so I can spend it", and it is sometimes difficult for you to get into a regular bill paying mode.  When you have money you are generous to the point of extravagant with your friends, but when you don't have any extra to throw around, you are miserable and tend to be grouchy.

Workwise, squirrels like to take risks. They are happiest when living on a knife edge, the kind of job most people would consider stressful and dangerous is the kind of job that you enjoy.  A normal 9 - 5 job would drive you crazy, you need to feel constantly up against the wall with deadlines and pressure.  You excel under conditions where normal folk would just turn and run.

Romantically squirrels tend to get about a bit before they find the right partner.  They enjoy all aspects of the dating game, but loathe it when it all starts to become a bit serious.  They like to play footloose and fancy free for as long as possible - and with their charm and grace, they are popular amongst the opposite sex.  When they do settle down, squirrels still have a bit of a roving eye, but if they pick the right partner, they will be content just to look and not touch.  Although pigeons make great playmates they would be a disaster as a marriage partner - squirrels need someone strong willed and patient like toads or badgers.

Erial -

Owl Badger
Pigeon Squirrel
Hedgehog Deer
Lobster Woodpecker
Aardvark Fox
Toad Weasel
Beaver Beast





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