St. Neotian Fensigns


You are glib and smooth, debonair and dashing.  You are rarely flashy or showy, but your natural confidence wins people over without even trying.  You have a way with words that makes people sit up and pay attention and a wicked sense of humor that is both subtle and astute.  People enjoy your company as you are always amusing and never dull.  You do not have many close friends since you are very good at masking your real intentions and emotions. You are at ease everywhere you go and no social situation is beyond your abillity.

All of this may sound fine - but why don't all foxes come across as being assertive and in control?  Unfortunately the Fox has a terribly fragile ego.  It often takes only one setback in life to turn a naturally smooth fox into a whimpering and timid cub.  If this happens it can be extremely difficult for the Fox to regain their former self-confidence and this is where their choice of friends can be crucial.

Financially, Foxes may be a little hard pressed for cash. They may occasionally make a quip or a comment about being hard up, but everyone thinks they are joking as the cash never seems to cease to flow through the foxes fingers.  In reality, the fox who casually pays for a vast round of drinks may actually be eating beans on toast for the rest of the week to pay for it.  The fox would hate anyone to know how bad they actually are at cash management.  They like fine cool elegance and are always well groomed.  They will never be martyrs to fashion and secretly think fashion followers are plebs.

Work wise, the fox would make a good barrister or lawyer, anything that would allow them to use their quick mind and verbal expertise.  They are also good at analysing situations and coming up with quick fool proof schemes to correct errors.  Foxes excel in high powered fast paced frantic stress situations.  The more stress they are under, the better they respond. 

Romantically, foxes are definitely a catch.  Although they have their faults (they can lie, cheat and deceive without batting an eyelid) they are sensuous and as eloquent in the bedroom as in the board room.   Anyone who falls in love with a Fox must be twice as cunning and twice as cautious to make the Fox think falling in love was all it's own idea. They hate to feel chased or trapped and must enter the state of monogamy apparently by their own free will, with no assistance.  Deer often mistakenly believe Foxes are "old money' and a step up the social ladder.

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