St. Neotian Fensigns


You are one of the most sociable of all the Fensigns, you love to be in the center of the activity with all your friends and you are the most likely sign for a career in acting or music. Your gregarious nature makes you popular with everybody, but sometimes your refusal to take life seriously annoys those who do.  This is linked to why people often perceive Pigeons as not being the brightest bird in the tree - over the years the timid Pigeon simply stops thinking about issues that are "difficult" because after all, life is too short!  

You consider all your friends to be close friends and are never at a loose end for somewhere to go or someone to see.

If the Pigeon has a fault it tends to be their fearful nature.  Many pigeons have fallen by the wayside in history because they didn't have the strength of will to conquer their demons.  

Financially Pigeons are lucky with money, but should not tempt Lady Luck too often with the odd flutter.  You love to gamble but don't have the patience to work out the odds, so it is not a way for you to accumulate riches.  Money tends to run through your fingers pretty easily, but somehow, you will always have just enough to cover your immediate needs.

You are not a very consistent worker. You have sudden bursts of frenzied activity followed by phases of all out laziness.  Your mind is constantly active and alert, but you find it hard to remain focused and on track for a long period of time.  You need a job where every day presents a new challenge, otherwise you will become bored and unmotivated.

Romantically, Pigeons tend to fall in and out of love as the wind changes.  Every love is the "real" thing, even if it only lasts a short period.  When you fall for someone you fall hard but you have the shortest recovery time to heal your broken heart of all the Fensigns.  There are rarely any hard feelings once a relationship folds, you just shrug and get back on with the party, figuring it is their loss and your gain.  When you do at last find your true soulmate, you will become loyal, faithful and uncritically adoring and will make a surprisingly domesticated spouse. 

Erial -

Owl Badger
Pigeon Squirrel
Hedgehog Deer
Lobster Woodpecker
Aardvark Fox
Toad Weasel
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