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At a party you would either be sat by yourself "people watching" or you would be circulating and making friends with everyone.  Toads can be both introverts and extroverts, depending on how the wind is blowing at that particular time.  Toads are the mediators and the voice of reason in any argument.  They will try to see both sides of an issue before forming an opinion and once they have will not be budged from their decision.  Having said this however, toads make very dangerous enemies.  To cross a toad is very hard as they are very easy going and strongly believe in "live and let live" but if you mess with one, be prepared for the consequences.  If you apologise sincerely, the toad can graciously accept your differences and even respect you for them, but if you don't, just remember Toads have amazing memories and the ability to carry a grudge forever.

Financially, Toads have the inbuilt realization that nothing comes of nothing. They understand from a very early age that the only thing that will bring them money is their abillity to work and work well. They are not avaricious, but they do like the finer things and are willing to work hard and save for them.  Money in itself is not the goal for the toad, it is what they can do with it that is important.

Work wise, toads can do almost anything they set out to do. This does not mean they are especially gifted or talented, they just realise that if you are determined and dedicated enough, you can get to wherever you want to be. They are not afraid of hard work and do not shirk responsibilities that they have agreed to undertake, however unpleasant or difficult they may find it.  Toads have very flexible minds and would find niches in many different career fields, from publishing to politics.

Romantically, Toads are often disillusioned by love until they find the right one. They are openly romantic and lavish gifts and attention on would be mates, who unfortunately then treat them like door mats.  Love is the toads only blind spot in life. When true love does come, chances are it will be in disguise.  Physically there will be nothing that sparks at first, but the toad will be intrigued and finally enchanted.  Once caught the toad is a stong defender of family and home and will make an excellent parent.

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