St. Neotian Fensigns


You just wish you could be brave enough to stand up in a crowd and be noisy!  You share lots of the pigeon and squirrel traits, but you tend to worry about your image and wouldn't want to do anything that would upset your social standing.  You would much prefer to be hobnobbing with the upper classes at a cocktail party rather that scruffing it at the pub.  Every social engagement is seen as an oppertunity to crawl up the social ladder another notch and you spend a lot of time cultivating the right class of friends.

Work wise, deer tend to either work in television, publishing or at the cosmetics counter at Debenhams.  You like to refer to your caravan in Skegness as your "weekend place" and you avidly watch travel shows so you can book your holidays and pronounce your destination correctly. You see personal betterment as your duty to yourself and spend a lot of time and energy doing "good deeds" for the community in the hope of being noticed and singled out as a credit to the town.

Financially deer would like to have "old" money, but instead they find they have to work like the rest of the plebs.  They prefer to call working "my career" or  what I do so I don't get bored" but you do like the finer things in life and actually have very good, albeit expensive tastes in everything.  Their homes tend to be show cases and their wardrobes are expansive. You do not waste your money on frivolous things, but prefer to save and buy the best you can get.

Romantically deer tend to look for partners above themselves on the social ladder. They do occasionally slip up and end up with a totally broke slob, but on the whole romance is regarded as a way to improve your social standing and add a hyphen to your name.  You are considered quite a catch because you are charming, hospitable, gracious and always elegant.

Although the deer sounds money grabbing and self centered, you do have many friends, can be very soft hearted and will do many things for people without looking for rewards of any kind. You will try hard to not hurt peoples feelings and would be very hurt if someone accused you of being a snob or a social climber.

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