St. Neotian Fensigns


You tend towards being conservative in public, but with people you trust you are can bubble and babble like a spring brook.  It takes you a while to make friends and form bonds with others because you have learned to mistrust peoples motives.  Once they are part of your inner circle, they are friends for life and you are one of the most loyal and faithful of the signs. This doesn't mean you lack for social company, but it does mean you have a lot of acquaintances who think they are your friends when they are not.

People who don't know you may think you are rather grouchy and predictable, but those close to you are warmed by your truly amusing wit and spontaneous generosity, both financially and emotionally.

With money you tend to be prudent with the occasional mad spending spree or ill advised financial venture stopping you from ever accumulating vast amounts of cash.  You like to save a little often and don't place too much faith in investing and stocks.

You will stick with something you believe in to the bitter end and can be rather stubborn in the face of adversity. This tenacity makes you a good worker, slow and constant, but it can also earn you a name as a bit of a stick-in-the-mud who refuses to give up on a bad thing. Apologising to someone who is not in your inner circle comes hard to you and you rarely see the need to do it, even if not doing so is like pouring oil on troubled waters.

Romantically, you can be a bit of a late starter as your cautious nature makes you shy away from emotional entanglement with the opposite sex.  However, you are one of the most passionate (and agile!) of all the Fen Signs when you do find the right partner.  Loyalty and discretion are of paramount importance to you and you bestow your love on a very select few.

Back problems are something to watch for with hedgehogs. You tend to over exert yourself physically when you feel you need to and pay the price afterwards. 

Erial -

Owl Badger
Pigeon Squirrel
Hedgehog Deer
Lobster Woodpecker
Aardvark Fox
Toad Weasel
Beaver Beast





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