St. Neotian Fensigns

Beaver Beast

Of all the Fensigns this is the one that gives The Divinatrix the most problems due to its inauspicious beginnings.  Technically, it is a conglomeration of all the good and bad of the other Fensigns.  For everything that is written about this sign the complete opposite is also valid.
So it is quite possible to have a Beaver beast that is the life and soul of the party, has hordes of admirers and is a total extrovert, but also you may find that same Beaver beast can be very shy and retiring, keeping the companionship of one or two people only and is painfully introverted.  That is why they only have a few true friends.  It takes a special person to understand the beaver beasts dual personality and mood swings.  Those few who accept the Beaver Beast for they way it is, have a life long friend who will be loyal, loving and understanding.

Financially Beaver Beasts respect money, but do not worship it.  They do like the trappings it can buy, but could manage on very little if they had to.  They can be unswervingly generous with others but tend to stint themselves as they do not see their needs to be most important. Beaver Beasts will hoard small amounts of money in secret caches.  They distrust stocks and shares and prefer instead to see neat little rolls of money buried in holes.

At work the Beaver Beast needs to be thought of as a lone player.  They always learn the hard way, but with patience can be taught almost anything.  They are popular amongst work mates as they will always help someone out, but bear in mind that the Beaver Beast will always expect you to reciprocate at a later date. They can be coerced into being team players, but in order for it to work the rest of the team needs to be equally forthright and honest and willing to work unshirkingly.

Romantically, Beaver Beasts are easy to catch but hard to hold onto. They do not like to be tied down and fight any attempt to pen them up.  They will play the field for years before someone smart enough can persuade them to settle down. Having a big bank balance, a good job, a nice house and good looks are no lure for the Beasts, they rely on emotions and instinct.  If you are honest, funny and smart you already have the equipment you need to entrap your Beaver Beast.  But you will also need patience, trust and a high level of self esteem, as Beaver Beasts are flighty, flirty and need a partner they can admire and respect.

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