St. Neotian Fensigns

The Fenmasters of old used the ancient art of tarn scryying, (that's puddle watching, to you lot) to divine the secrets of the future and to impart this wisdom to the good people of the area. 
In this arcane art, the tarns (or puddles) were gazed into on clear moonless nights, and the positions of the reflected stars and the clarity of the water gave the Fenmasters the answers to mystical future. It could also be used to foretell of love, good fortune, well being and misfortune.
Now, thanks to the generosity of the Cambridge University of Arcana, these arts have been handed back to the people of St Neots and through myself will be translated for your benefit.

You may have noticed that there are 13 signs instead of the usual 12 used in both western and Oriental astrology.  According to the ancient manuscripts, this is due to an incident which occurred at the yearly gathering of senior Fenmasters, when a 13th tarn was discovered in the sacred scrying swamp.  Unable to decide which Fensign to use to garner an accurate and true reading, they had to improvise and quickly invented another sign. Thus the mystical Beaver Beast, which has roamed East Anglia for eons, was given it's own symbol and a place in history.

The 13th tarn was later discovered to be no more than an overflow from the privvy ditch, but by then, the damage was done and the Beaver Beast sign remains firmly affixed in St Neotian astrology.

Erial -

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