St. Neotian Fensign Readings

by Erial

December 2002

Erial's Christmas Thoughts........

Yet again, we come to the close of another year. I know my words of wisdom have helped you and encouraged you through 2002 and as far as I can see ( which is pretty far; shallow tarn, no scum and a Polo wrapper) I will still be up to my knees in pond scum and duck weed casting predictions through the New Year too. 
However, the craft of scryying can be a bit dodgy at times, especially at this juncture of the year, with Mars doing that odd little orbital thing and the new moon coming. It can be difficult to see through into the New Year. 
With this in mind, I seriously hope none of you will be drinking and driving this Christmas, and that none of you would consider letting your friends drink and drive either. Get a taxi, get a designated driver at the start of the evenings festivities, sleep it off, anything, but don't delude yourself that you won't get caught or that you "drive better when you have had a few"
Boxing Day should be spent with friends and family. Not choosing a box or having someone choose a box for you. 

Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!



Well, the waters are partially obscured by some scummy green stuff, but the rest of it seem's fairly clear. I suggest that you take a good long look at your priorities this month. Those TV jingles are starting to cause brain-rot and you are beginning to miss the whole point of Christmas. Enlist the aid of a friendly Fox and a caring Beaver Beast, they want to do something too, but don't know where to start. Do something together, maybe drop some toys off at the hospital? Buy some blankets for the shelter? Pick one.
Lucky days; Tuesdays, lucky stone; garnet.


Your puddle is a silty mixture with a deep bottom and a clear top. I can see you planning your annual spending spree down the Pound Shop this month, looking for cut price bargains with which to thrill your loved ones at Yule Tide. Has it never occurred to you how you would feel if you received such tat as tokens of love and friendship? I see not. Well, you need to think about it and think about it fast. I am not saying it is going to happen, but if your nearest and dearest don't get something a bit more special under the tree this year, someone reading this is going to have spectral visitors on Christmas Eve....


Nicely rounded tarn with a filled appearance indicates you are looking forward to Christmas. You are planning on spending most of your free time out socializing and having a good time, surrounding yourself with friends and getting pretty plastered. You will be very popular with one and all, especially with that drool-worthy weasel you have had your eye on for a while. ( nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Lucky for us, you are pretty bright, ( even with that stupid tinsel draped over one ear and that daft grin) but some of your mates are not quite that smart. Don't let your friends drink and drive or it might be a long time before you see them again. Lucky fruit; peaches, unlucky colour; green.


Well, at least you are one sign I don't feel obliged to nag this time of year for your generosity. However, I do want to drop a word of caution in your ear. Tis the season to be jolly, but tis not the season to get caught at the Christmas party lap dancing on the bosses fax machine. Whilst those around you will be filled with mirth at your prank, far away, in an office in Hong Kong, the Company Director ( a Fox, by the way) is going to be less than enchanted with your illuminating display and the New Year could find you down at the job center. ( unlucky day ; 19th- it's a full moon) 


I see one set of spirits leaving, just in time for you to replenish your drinks cabinet with the more liquid kind. Party at yours, then? On a serious note, please, please think twice about buying that case of slightly dodgy beverages from that squat, whiffy Squirrel you will meet in the pub. I know it will all sound like a good deal, but when he was talking about re-cycled, he wasn't referring to the containers. This month would be a good one to get all that euro money changed into real money and donate it to a charity. That really awesome Fox you have been ogling will catch you under the mistletoe as a reward. Lucky colour; Yellow. 


Your tarn is filled with a murky substance that is one step removed from its liquid form. There is a coating of frothy slime and an eye watering pong which arises when it is poked with a stick. All I can suggest is that you try to keep your alcoholic intake within your bodies capacity this month, even though I know that you will be tempted and will think you are fine. I know you don't remember last years yodeling into the porcelain, but your neighbors do and would look upon you kindly if you could refrain from doing it again this year. And so will your date, a sober badger, who won't be impressed in the slightest. 


Murky tarn with a few floating odds and sods, Orion rising in the 3rd quadrant. I can't imagine where you get your total lack of taste when it comes to gift buying. You just don't have a flair for it, do you? So, this year, round up your mate, the slightly eccentric toad and go on a real shopping spree, one where you will have fun and buy things that you know people want, but won't splurge on for themselves. Also, amazingly, I see you will have some cash left over. Donate it to a good cause ( the Toad knows of one) and it will come back thrice fold, with a cherry on the top. Lucky colour; purple, lucky day; the 17th.


Oh come all ye faithful! You have been eyeing these signs all year, desperate to find one with a glaring mistake so you can shout 
"Fake! Fake!" Well, it ain't gonna happen! These readings are done with scientific know how and technical expertise and if you still don't believe me, you are going to be in for a rough Christmas. You are going to receive a sign soon that you are doing the right thing and that it will all work out well. Don't fob it off, it is not just a cute coincidence. Act on it and see. Oh and watch out for the mince pies, number 7 buses and small yapping dogs called Fritzy or something else as equally nauseating.


Shallow puddle, but the water is clear and almost effervescent. Money, I see, has been a bit tight for you recently. The bad news is that it will remain like this till the New Year. However, this doesn't mean that Christmas is going to be a non-event for you. You will have a daft idea for making gifts, something you normally associate with Blue Peter and sticky back plastic, but you should act on it. I am serious. They will be appreciated and cherished and will be around long after other peoples gifts have been consigned to boxes in the attic or the bin ( for those less sentimental folk i.e.; Lobsters) Better financial fortune is coming in the New Year.


As per usual, you see Christmas as a time to clamber up a few notches of the social ladder. With your apparently casual ability to pick perfect gifts and your expansive bonhomie, you are always a popular person at this time of year, and I can see the invitations piling up. However, maybe a leg up the ladder isn't all you are looking for this year. I suggest that you let your hair down a bit and stop worrying how profitable an investment it will all be for you. Buy people what you really want to buy them and not just what you think their social standing requires. Have a good time. Have some fun. Enjoy!! 


There are already strands of tinsel in your tarn and there is a small paper boat, put there by some kid no doubt, washed up on the bank. You are already excited about Christmas, almost to the point of hyperventilating every time you think about reindeer and you-know-who coming down the chimney ( and at your age too....<sigh>...) Even though you pretend to get stressed out with it all, your nearest and dearest know the truth and love you for it. Pay special attention to the 15th of this month and also to an elderly Aardvark, who will offer you some good advice. Watch out for dental problems and unpitted sticky dates.


Ever hear of the word " Delegate?" It means letting everyone else participate. I can see you trying yourself in knots trying to make a perfect old fashioned Christmas for everyone and you are going to end up frazzled and exhausted. It doesn't matter. Really. Everyone would be far happier if you would let them help instead of you doing everything and setting yourself up for a disappointment and a stroke. Letting everyone else have a go might be more fun than you think, and if it's not perfect, don't nag and whine about it. They will get better with practice.Lucky color; red, lucky number 23, lucky day, third Wednesday of the month. 

Beaver Beast

Beware dangling Christmas lights and incontinent elderly cats. That plan for sweeping the chimney out in hopes of getting more than a couple of walnuts and a moldy orange ( like last year) will only be successful if you really have tried hard to be good this year and if you take that bear trap out of the fireplace. Play fair, for heavens sake!! I see gifts which involve batteries and some instructions in Japanese ( apparently idiot proof ones) but I caution the over-usage of the screw driver until you have figured out exactly which end is up and moved all your delicate breakables to another room. Lucky materials; rubber and wood. 


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