St. Neotian Fensign Readings

by Erial

June 2001


Your puddle is shallow and murky this month. Someone close to you intends to try pulling a fast one with your finances. Don't be fooled into thinking you really can buy the St Neots Bridge (or the Eiffel tower, for that matter) no matter how persuasive their sales pitch.  Avoid squirrels with official looking sales documents.


Your waters are slightly briny and murky with a slightly oily sheen. Do not plan any long distance trips this month. Any travel you do outside of St Neots' fair borders must be approached with the utmost caution. Carry a talisman of good fortune with you; an acorn, 
a pearl or one of them all-in-one swiss pocket knives (with the handy little thing for taking thorns out of lions paws) or a rabbits foot. NOTE; Please detach from rabbit first.  Rabbits will bite when you try to attach keys to them.  Socially, you should stick with  pigeons if you have a choice.


There is scum floating, but it is clear underneath until you hit the silt.  Fortune will favour you, both in finance and romance if you can just curb your tendency to run at the mouth.  Let events take their natural course and don't stir up anything up,  your murky past will come back to haunt you if you do.  Beware of woodpeckers who ask strange questions.


Your puddle is deep and clear and reflects Orion beautifully.  Now is a good time to invest some of those hard earned nuts, or else splash out on something special you have had your eye on for a while. Be cautious around lobsters who will try to part you from your nuts.


Your tarn is brackish and muddied this month.  Do not make any long term plans or take up hang gliding until you have checked your insurance is up to date. Wear a seat belt at all times, look both ways before crossing the street and do not stand too close to the microwave. Avoid the Grim Badger, he will not be a safe person to hang out with this month.


There are ripples in your pool. This makes the reading particularly difficult to decipher. Either you will be approached by members of the St Neots Players for a role in Midsummer Nights Dream, or you will make a total ass of yourself in the Highstreet sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Beware aardvarks in pyjamas.


Surprisingly clear and effervescent this month!  Minerals from the surrounding soil have mingled with your tarn and made the stars particularly bright and radiant. This is a good time to make new friends and to plan social activities.  It also might be the right time to ask the boss for a raise.  There will be a minor hiccup in plans half way through the month, but it's nothing you can't handle. Confide in a sarcastic toad, he will keep your secrets.


I am afraid your puddle is rather shallow and leaf infested this month.  Be prudent with money if possible and make a concerted effort to be likable and friendly with everyone you know. This could be a broke and lonely month for you if you don't.  Find a couple of pigeons to hang out with. They are always good for a laugh and don't have any money either.


Cloudy with fragments of newly mown grass for you I'm  afraid. But it doesn't have to be all bad.  Every cloud has a silver lining so they say, and with the right attitude adjustment you will get through this.  Try thinking about it from the other point of view for once.  Being wrong won't kill you (unless it involves electrical appliances) and you may even be a better owl for it at the end of the month.  Stick with a lobster who shows optimistic tendencies, he will keep you sane.


The fox tarn is clear with excellent reflective qualities, but unfortunately the image is marred by a Wrigleys Spearmint wrapper.  This has distorted the picture I am afraid.  You will either be able to charm and articulate your way into the hearts and minds of the good people of St Neots or you will open your flapping great gob and drop yourself in right up to your eyeballs.  Stick with friendly hedgehogs, at least if you can't get a word into a conversation, you should be safe.


Your puddle is filled with small floating twigs and scum but I could clearly see Venus on a cusp with Pluto.  Contrary to popular belief, toads are very sociable creatures, they just don't get much time to enjoy themselves. Call up some friends, have a party, go on a pub crawl, take up hang gliding or crochet. (that's just what is says, OK?) Enjoy the company of a few aardvarks and have some fun. 


Hmmmmm, your puddle is vague with a single floating duck feather. This indicates a desire to break away from conventional boundaries. You will come up with a cunning plan to get something you want, but beware of the legal aspects of the situation.  If it's not yours and you don't have the money for it, you could be spending time away from home in the near future.  Beware of badgers who cannot keep a confidence. 

Beaver Beast

Your tarn is very small, but the water is clear and clean. You usually have simple tastes and are happy just to be left in peace to do your own thing. Lurking around in Eynesbury is not exactly fulfilling now is it?  Try to get out a bit more this month and do some socializing, you will have fun and find some new friends to frighten.  Try the Golden Ball at chucking out time, or the St Neots bridge in the early morning mist. Beware of blithesome lobsters with sharp pincers, they can't run well and may turn on you when cornered.


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