St. Neotian Fensign Readings

by Erial

May 2001


Your tarn is rather unclear this month, with a faint surface scum of algea.  Caution is advised around anything mechanical or electrical. Please do not attempt a repair job that an idiot could handle; this month you are that idiot.
Beware aardvarks with a sullen outlook.


There is very little water in your tarn this month - it is clear down to its silty bottom. Curb your spending this month and try to make a couple of economic cut backs. This will make all the difference and will ensure you have money for something you really need by the end of the month. 
Beware of charismatic lobsters looking for a loan.


Your tarn has mysterious floating fragments and an oily sheen.  A journey is foretold.  Pack sarnies, it could be much longer than you think, and beware any squirrel that seeks to give you driving advice or tells you you are reading the map wrong.


Your puddle has a very small leaf floating in it which is obscuring Mercury, Try to curb your temper this month. Someone (I believe an owl but it could be a lobster) will be especially annoying to you and you will long to just reach out and slap them.  Bite back your emotional outburst, this person will have something you need. 


Interesting astral reflections for you this month. It could be a star bursting from the firmament, it could be a twig -  either way, there is a period of romance and passion in your puddle this month. Just be sure that the object of your affections feels the same way, or you could end up with a bruised ego and a black eye. Seek the council of a chirpy owl.


The waters are very busy for you, with myriad colours and swirling eddies. Social activities will be of paramount importance to you and an invite will come for a special get together. You may not feel like attending, but if you don't, just guess who will be the main topic of conversation. Seek out the company of weasels and aardvarks, but be wary of hedgehogs carrying ladders.


Your tarn sparkled with crystal clarity this month, which augers well for your financial well being. Go on, put a quid on the gee-gees, slip a few coins into the slot machine, you could win big. A cautious hedgehog will seek you out this month -  beware her motives.


Your tarn advises a change of pace.  You have felt frustrated and thwarted, like you have been bashing your head against a mossy tree.  All that will change soon and a period of reflection and quiet is coming in to being. Make the most of this lull before the storm, because I saw a fragment of birch bark under the surface, and we all know what that means. Befriend a sarcastic pigeon, he is worth the effort in the long run.


Hmmmmmm... unusual floaty bits and a brackish smell in your pool this month. Treat your body to a little excercise and a few less biscuits. Try a little bran in your diet and be aware of any health problems you may be having. Watch for a deer, any variety, selling herbal cures on the cheap.


There are a lot of mineral elements in your puddle, especially iron. Beware bridges across slow running waters, especially the one at Tebbutts. You have offended a beaver beast in the recent past and for all their faults, they do have amazing memories for the slightest slight ( real or imaginary) Surround yourself with friends and stay one side of the bridge or the other.


Very sparkling reflection of Mercury's cusp in your tarn with a pretty oily swirl in the 7th quarter.  Demands will be made of you that at times will drive you to distraction, persevere, it will all be worth it in the end.  Try to get a little more sleep, your body needs a nap once in a while, indulge it, it can't hurt and will help you stay on the ball. Keep a watchful eye out for an acrimonious badger.


There is a dead frog in your puddle which makes the reading highly obscure and very difficult.  Either you will be incredibly in demand for projects involving small children or you should be cautious around large elephants whilst carrying peanuts. I am sorry, I can only tell you what I see, but your tarn is crystal (apart from the frog) so finances should do well. Seek the company of a fickle woodpecker, they like small children and are very good with elephants.

Beaver Beast

Your tarn has recovered some of it's water this month and has a surface film. I see a change in your stars, either at home or in the work place. Don't be a stick in the mud about it. Not all things can stay as they have been, and this might just lead to better things. Your health is good and your finances stable, stop worrying and start enjoying, OK? Seek the council of gentle deer, they will keep you focused.


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