St. Neotian Fensign Readings

by Erial

October 2002


Your tarn looks placid but there are undertows and restless movements beneath the calm. There is also the slight smell of decay and what look like the remains of some small rodent close to the edge ( and no, I am not prodding it with a stick to check) I think the forces of darkness intend to make a bit of an effort to persuade you to join their ranks ( every one has quotas these days, you notice that?) One of their most lucrative offers will be "sky clad" dance in Priory Park in the moonlight. Beware!!! Not only is your mortal soul in jeopardy, but unless you retain your thermals and a good greasing of Vicks, a bout of influenza is also on the cards..........


Hmm, you have always felt closer than most to psychic dealings and those who have gone beyond, but this month will find you skirting too close to the edge for your own good. It will start of innocently enough, a few drinks and a game or two, ending with some bright spark ( a weasel who has knocked back too many to be at all sensible) will suggest having a go with the ouijee board. The next thing you know, Elvis, Vlad the Impalor and your great auntie Nelly will all be through the portal, and you will have to put up with them as all your so-called mates are going to do a runner. Buy earplugs and prepare for complaints from the neighbors. 


Scoff as you might, Halloween is no time for you to be out and about. Every time you open your mouth and say one more derogatory thing about spooks, ghosts and things that go bump in the night, another entity starts to pay you a little closer attention. By the time the 31st arrives, you will have more "special friends" than Carrie, and your house will look like something from a "B" movie. I suggest you restrain your pompous attitude and remember to leave milk out on your door step for that stray black cat that has been hanging around.............


There is a fair amount of accumulations and debris in your tarn this month, indicating that you are going to be surrounded by rubbish and embroiled in some kind of personal mess, not of your own making. On about the second Tuesday ( more or less) someone will approach you with an offer to foretell your future for a small nominal fee. Unless you feel like you can trust this person ( a small wizened Deer clutching a shiny apple) I advice you to leave well alone and work out your future for yourself.


I see here that you are one of the young at heart when it comes to Halloween, but plan your costume well this year. I know you wanted to be a gorilla, but there will be problems with the fit and your mates will all be too drunk to help you climb out of it before you walk home after the party. Unfortunate, an accident at about midnight involving an innocent duck and a van carrying Koko, a female ape at the Black Cat will occur, and there will be special forces out looking for her. Unless you want to spend three days in a cage with Zumbo, a highly excitable male ape at London Zoo, till the zipper finally breaks ( and I am not going to go into details) I would call it quits and just go as Mother Theresa again. 


Uranus is rising and aspects of the 1st house show that when it comes to ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties ( not to mention things that go bump in the night) you are so gullible it isn't even funny. Some "wag" at work is going to try and capitalize on this for their own amusement and is going to try to make you look like a right pratt. Therefore, arm yourself with a few arcane terms and a little mumbo jumbo ( reciting the ingredients of cornflakes backwards sounds particularly effective) and gaze into space muttering as though in a trance when this person walks by. Do this enough times and you will have them scared to death, convinced that you are some kind of psychic.


There is activity in the house of the triangle and a rising in the 7th aspect for you. Auntie Mabels parlor tricks with tea leaves may have kept you amused as a child, but be warned, this year she is going to be too close to the astral gateways and all hell is going to break loose the moment she unleashes the power of the PG Tips. I suggest flushing all your tea bags down the toilet while no-one is looking and investing in a nice soothing jar of Nescafe instead. You will thank me for this. 


I really do wish you would stop it with all that back woods magic. I know grannies poultice of newts eyes and chickens innards might make you feel better, but neighbors are starting to notice and if you don't watch it, the police will be round digging in your garden looking for the bodies. A few over the counter cold remedies ( which I assure you will taste just as bad as that stuff grannie made up for you) and a good application of Vicks will do just as much good and will negate you ever having to explain exactly where you got the newts eyeballs in the first place.


You treat this as as a bit of a hoot, don't you? It never occurs to you that there might be a reason that your uncle Bert stays inside and bolts the doors at certain times of the year? You never wondered where all that mutt dander came from after the full moon, or why you always got almost indecently excited watching cricket or some kids tossing a frisky around? I would strongly suggest that you just stay at home this month and please try to stay off of the furniture. Also try to resist the urge to chase cars, cats and men on bikes, it will not be appreciated and will cause much embarrassment to all involved. 


Clear as crystal this month, an cheerful innocuous little puddle shining happily in the sunlight. However, there are a few dark patches indicating trouble brewing ahead. Word to the wise;You cannot go gatecrashing a satanic mass, just because a friend of a friend tells you about it at closing time down the pub.Your natural urge to show off and be the center of attention, jumping up and down and wanting to join in all the "games" is not going to be well received once they find that their volunteer "virgin" sacrifice has been about more that the ice cream van..........


There is a whiff of sulphur and chocolate, which is a strange combination, but enforces this months readings. You are what is known as a believing skeptic, in other words, you kinda do, but then again, you kinda don't. Well, guess what? This month something is going to happen which is going to push you off that little diplomatic wall you straddle. Be prepared for a few shocks ( especially when you find out that chill breeze is not from a gap in the attic somewhere) and a visitor you were not expecting appearing suddenly as though from no-where..............


Descending 5th house and a darkening of Scorpious, I am afraid with only a light scattering of birch fragments to lighten the impact. This month is going to see you taking foolish risks and stepping very very close to the line ( you know exactly what I am talking about, don't pretend you don't) as far as the Dark Forces are concerned. It's no good telling you not to mess around with it. At least do yourself the favor of reading the fine print before signing anything and avoid the area near the Eynesbury church at all costs. 

Beaver Beast

Well, the less said about you, the better, I think. Mind out for splinters and low flying ducks...............


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