St. Neotian Fensign Readings

by Erial

September 2001


You will shine this month in your social circle. Now is the perfect time to plan a party or gathering as all your friends would really appreciate a chance for a get together. Some kind of themed fancy dress would be appropriate. Seek out an artistic weasle to help with the guest list and the decorations. Have fun, but beware of an incident involving some slipper shaped objects which could actually be slippers, I'm not sure, the fen-ether is all crackly this month, I blame Jeffrey Archer.


Romance is in the air for you this month, There is a sensual scattering of floral fragments, a windswept twig in your tarn and the water is relatively deep and translucent. Someone is going to be sending you signals that they are interested in you. They will do everything but send up flares and put up a banner. If you are interested, start paying attention and reciprocate, if not, please let them down gently, they will accept friendship as a second prize and you would both benefit from the relationship.


Your pool is relatively clear this month, apart from a bottle top. Someone will confide secrets to you this month which will give you a huge ego boost. Do not be tempted to use these secrets for your own benefit as the confidee would never forgive you your indiscretions. Keep your lips zipped and you will have a friend for life.  Alternatively, if you have plenty of friends already you could probably make a few quid from this gossip.

Avoid eloquent Foxes and gossiping Deer.


Ah, I see a month of turmoil and inner tussles with your conscience. A large bird dropping and a chewing gum wrapper indicate that you have been talking too much for your own good. It is too late to backpeddle so prepare to reap the whirlwind.  You'll need a really good excuse to get out of this one when you are finally confronted by the injured party. In the future, please engage brain before operating the mouth, you may save someone (mainly yourself) from looking foolish.


Scatterings of tobacco and a floating beer bottle lead me to believe there could be  excess of a harmful nature in store for you this month, It may all be japes and games at the time, but the repercussions could last much longer than the debilitating hangover and the parrot cage mouth.  Whether it takes a week or somewhat longer you are going to pay, big time.

Be wary of jovial Toads and boisterous Foxes carrying homebrew and bike chains.


Oh la la. I see a French connection. ( cork from a wine bottle ) You will meet a stranger from a strange land, a friend of a friend from foreign climes. Make the effort to try to make this person feel at ease and pay the extra nine groats to show them around and include them in your plans. They will appreciate the effort and it may be a mutually beneficial relationship.


Castor and Pollux are both prevalent this month and there are scatterings of willow bark in your puddle. There will be a squabble with a family member that could escalate out of all proportion if you do not nip it in the bud. Save yourself a lot of heart ( and ear ) ache and just graciously allow the other person to have their own way. It happened years ago and has no relevance anymore. Seek out a ponderous Owl, they also have bickering siblings and will know exactly how you feel.

Oh, eat plenty of plums this month, they're good for you.


You have been under pressure from many different directions this summer and finally you will get a break and some quiet time.  You might be tempted to go out on the pull (I know its been a while dear) but don't bother - all that awaits you is humiliating rejection I'm afraid. 

Plan instead to spend some time at the library and catch up on your reading. I suggest that you check out a nice Robert Heinlein Sci-Fi and spend some time seeing what all the fuss is about on the forums. Ask a wise Owl for a recommendation.



Bird droppings and leaves in your tarn this month. I am afraid this means you will feel like no-one gives a hoot about your well being. You will have a severe case of fragile ego, so take a big breath and face your fears, you will be back to your normal brash over-confident self by October. Confide in a Deer friend; they tend to suffer from painful shyness and will be very understanding.

Other than that, you are going to have a really boring month.


This is an ideal month for you to renew old acquaintances. The person you have been reminiscing about has also been thinking about you, but they lost their leather bound address book in an incident involving a playful puppy, so it is up to you to make the first move. You may not realise it yet, but you have an awful lot of catching up to do. Avoid procrastinating Beaver Beasts.


Your puddle is hazy with wisps of dog hair and a floating matchbox on a cusp with Vela. By all means, let your hair down a bit this month, go and do something wild and crazy. Blow a little of that hard earned cash on something completely unnecessary and plan to do something special for the third weekend of the month. Avoid the color purple and eat more fruit for your "little problem".


Finances are going to take a bit of a plummet this month. Prepare yourself for an unexpected bill or two and think carefully about how you will handle being a bit skint. With a bit of attention to detail, you will sail through it, but if you are not cautious you might end up missing out on something special at the end of the month due to lack of funds. Consult an astute Toad, they will give you excellent free advice.

Beaver Beast

Work has been a bit stressful recently. Lots of whispers in hallways and downcast eyes as you pass by. Stop being so paranoid about it all. You have nothing to worry about ( if you have been doing your job right and showing up on time) in fact, this month might reveal good news and open up a new path for you, career wise. Ignore suspicious Badgers and pessimistic Woodpeckers, they just imagine they are "in the know". That's if you are still here after last months prediction................


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