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Many moons ago, before Christianity came to these shores, there were a select few, known only as the Fenmasters.   These wise soothsayers of East Anglia relied upon the subtle bubblings and oozings of the Primordial Fens to foretell and predict the future.  The greatest of these prophets lived in what is now known as St. Neots and his records and charts have been studied in great secrecy for several years at the Cambridge University of Arcana.

Now, the leading scholar of that research coven, 'Erial the Divinatrix', has honoured us by generously agreeing to perform a monthly reading in the ancient tradition of the Fenmasters. 

So be you Toad or Badger, you will no longer have to walk the mistshrouded paths of fate unguided.

If you are unsure of your St. Neotian Fensign you can use our state of the art Swamp Divination technologytm below.  Simply fill in your birth date and press "Calculate".




(If the Fensign Calculator doesn't work, please mail so I can fix it! - /\dam)


Past Readings by Erial

(lost by the chief archivist)

July 2001 - Removed pending results of court case


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Owl Badger
Pigeon Squirrel
Hedgehog Deer
Lobster Woodpecker
Aardvark Fox
Toad Weasel
Beaver Beast



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